"Shapes?" was my final thesis project for my BFA degree. Hundreds of hours were spent on putting together a group exhibition at the White Box in Portland, Oregon, and the show was on display throughout the month of June, 2017. I chose to create a display, which held 20+ pieces of many varying mediums, all based around a set of abstract shapes... This was to present a challenge to myself to see how far I could take an "identity", which in this case holds no meaning or connotation to me, and make it relevant to any medium that intrigued me. 


Project Statement: "I’ve always been attracted to iconography. It’s intriguing to me that a symbol, text, or shape can hold enough meaning to invoke a feeling or start a conversation about interpretation. I experiment by questioning how I can take abstract shapes and symbols, which have no inherent meaning, and apply them to as many mediums as are available to me. My unique personal challenge throughout this exploratory project has been creating an identity for an individual, a brand, and a concept, while investigating how I can create a relationship between my interpretations of these random shapes and a viewer of the work."